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Birth and Death Certificates
Richland Public Health can provide birth certificates for anyone born in Ohio and death certificates for any death in Richland County, excluding the City of Shelby.
The Vital Statistics division at Richland Public Health maintains records of all births and deaths in Richland County since 1908 (excluding Shelby). Certificates for births and deaths occurring in the city of Shelby after 1968 are kept at the City Building in Shelby.
If a birth or death was in Shelby, but prior to 1968, these certificates are on file at Richland Public Health. Richland County births and deaths occurring before 1908 in are kept at the Probate Courthouse.

Richland Public Health provides immunizations for adults following the recommendations set forth by the Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices (ACIP). Vaccinations are given by appointment during business hours. Immunizations available for adults include: tetanus-diptheria, polio, Tdap, MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Flu, Pneumonia. Additional vaccines such as meningococal, rabies, chicken pox for adults, and zostavax (shingles) are offered. Contact 774-4700 for more information on these vaccines.

Flu and pneumonia vaccines are also available each fall at many locations throughout the county. Please call our Flu Hot Line at 419-774-4553 for updates.

International Travel Service/Immunizations
Services for the international traveler are now available at Richland Public Health through our International Travel Services program. We provide: immunizations for travel disease, education to avoid discomfort and disease, documentation of immunizations, helpful answers to your questions. Call 419-774-4700 for more information.

Sexually Transmitted Infections
Tests for sexually transmitted infections are given at the Public Health Clinic by appointment. If you are a minor, a parent does not have to accompany you. Tests are confidential. A nurse will ask you questions about your health and then you will see a doctor or nurse practitioner. Blood will be drawn and a culture taken as part of the visit. The cost is based on income. Minimum $20.00 for each visit.

HIV Testing
HIV testing is done by appointment during regular business hours. All testing is confidential. An oral test can be done to qualifying clients. No results will be given over the phone. There is a $31.00 charge for an HIV test. You do not need a parent's permission unless you are under age 13. If your test is positive, case management is available to assist you.

Tuberculosis (TB) Testing
The Tuberculosis program provides screening and treatment for active cases of TB and conducts evaluations for those individuals who have come in contact with active TB patients. Program services include:

TB Skin Tests
Tests are available as a screening tool at Richland Public Health. Tests are done by appointment only on Mondays, Tuesdays and Friday at the Public Health Clinic. You will be asked to return 72 hours later to have your test read by a nurse. The cost is $12.00 and we accept Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurances.

TB Chest X-Rays
As a follow-up measure, people with positive skin tests will be referred for a TB chest x-ray and any further physician recommendations.

These services are available to all Richland County residents. Fees are dependant on the type of service required. No one will be denied service due to inability to pay. Medicare and Medicaid are accepted.

Senior Driving Refresher Course
Both of the Health Educators in Health Promotion/Education are AARP-trained volunteers and co-teach the Driver Safety Class. We conduct classes three to four times a year. The AARP Driver Safety Course is a refresher course for drivers 50 years old and older and designed to keep older drivers on the road longer and safer. The course is taught at various locations in Richland County.

Community Health Screenings
Community Health Screenings are free health assessments from Richland Public Health nurses for all ages and all Richland County residents at locations close to home.

Community Health Screenings include the following for FREE:

  • Blood Pressure Screening
  • Hemoglobin Screening
  • Hematocrit* Screeening
  • Weight Check
  • Blood Sugar Screening (requires 3-hour fast)

• Cholesterol Screeings are also available for a $10 charge (cash or check only).
   --- Requires a 9 to 12 hour fast. ---

*The hematocrit test indicates the percentage of blood by volume that is composed of red blood cells. The condition called "anemia" results from having too few red blood cells.

For more information call 419-774-4550.

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